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Founded in 2017, Charlotte The Sheep has been creating handmade luxury knits designed by our founder, Leti.

Born and raised in Rio - Brazil, I moved to the USA in 2016 to finish my masters in molecular biology and genetics. While knitting was my relaxation between classes, I often found myself lacking projects to knit as I had done so many for me and loved ones. After several friends and family members recommending me into opening an Etsy shop, I took the chance, and only a year after launching it, I was contacted by Condé Nast, and grew into my own domain and LLC with the help of their advertising and interviews internationally featured across the Americas and Europe. British Vogue, Tatler Magazine, House & Garden, Yummy Mummy, and House of Coco were the top picks for Luxury Baby Gifts and Back-to-School essentials.

Making my hobby into making my full time job is a dream come true, which I am deeply grateful for the support of both my close ones and cute little costumers!

Charlotte the Sheep knits are the premier gifts for the little ones, whether you have friends or relatives who are adding to their family or you are the happy parent-to-be. You'll find a variety of infant knits for every season. Blankets, sweaters, beanies, pillows, teething rings, pacifier clips, and much more! Here you'll find unique gifts for a baby shower, just-born, baptisms, birthdays or simply a luxury treat for your little one.  We are selling LOVE.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story,
Love, Leti.


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